How to Transfer from FrontPage 2003 via FTP Print

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Publishing Frontpage with FTP

  1. In Frontpage, click File, then click Publish Site...
    frontpage publish site
  2. Choose FTP, then enter your FTP hostname in the Remote Web site location field. (In my tests I entered: Click the Use Passive FTP option, then the OK button.
    connect to your server in frontpage
  3. A Name and Password Required box will pop up. Enter your FTP username in the Name field. Then put your FTP password in the Password field, and click the OK button.
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  4. You will then see your Local and Remote web site files listed. Highlight the local files you want to publish, then drag and drop them into the remote folder for your website. If you are not sure where to drop the files, I recommend reading our guide on where to save your files".
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    Your site will then be uploaded. It is finished when you see your website files on the right side of the window, in the remote Web Site listing. Test your website at this time; if you don't see the changes refresh the page, or clear your browser's cache.

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